Awareness & Education

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the blind but not get confused? Each section has useful information that you may find interesting. Topics range from guide dogs to access technology. Each page has an introduction, links of interest and downloads. Each section has an awareness card that you may print and distrubute. A great way to help others better understand blindness in a a simplistic form.

Getting Along & Getting Around
Helpful tips and tricks for the sighted. A must read as it tells you the proper way to assist someone with blindness or visual impairment. Highly recommended for those doing reports or presentations on blindness.

Blindness & the Partially Sighted
Compares the differences between blindness and partial sight (another word for visually impaired.). It also names a few examples of who it effects, how it effects and who might be at risk.

Access Technology
Some information on technology used by the blind and partially sighted to get around better on computer or elsewhere.

When sighties hear the word "braille" they freak out. Have no fear, this article is easy to understand. Accompanied by images for visualization.

Guide Dog
Guide dog awareness page. Basic questions and answers. This is a must read as alot of sighties do alot of wrongs when approached by a guide dog and its handler.

White Cane
People get the wrong idea about the cane. This clears any confusion. This also gives a brief history lesson on the cane along with a collage graphic of different canes as each cane has its own purpose.

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