York Area Council of the Blind

Hello and welcome to the York Area Council of the Blind's website! YACB is a chapter of the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind. We thank you for taking time out of your schedule to view our website! We hope your stay is most comfortable and informal. We hope to hear from you with either questions or comments.

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Mission Statement
General information and background. Gives the visitor an idea as to what the YACB does for its blind and partially sighted community.

Information on when, where and what time we meet each month.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our organization, please check out this page with information on how to become a member.

Programs & Advocacy
Looking for a current list of programs, advocacy and special projects? This page has current lists that the YACB supports.

Calendar of Events
Annual, meeting or special events that YACB would like for you to take notice.

Fund Raisers
Lists events/items to raise funds for the organization.

Links List
Check out our links list for national, state, local and other lists of interest.

Contact Us
Questions on something related to YACB? Found an error on this website that needs fixed? Or would you like to suggest something even attend a meeting? By contacting us we will most likely get back to you with answers to your questions or concerns. The message center also carries recommend us form (where you can recommend us to your friends, family and co-workers.), website survey and a contact us survey.

Officers & Important People
A list of people who help run the YACB.

Awareness & Educate
A section devoted to educating the public about the different areas of blindness. Some sections have images while others will have links to websites on the web devoted to that topic.

Do you need something? Did you lose a master copy of something we gave you in your mailing? No problem! A list of items you can print directly from the website. Or if you would rather have a 2nd master copy, download the file. All text files are in RTF (suitable for all computers). If the download has an image the entire file will be either in a JPG or PNG file.

Are you a giving person? Would you like to donate your money or time to the YACB? We can certainly use the help! This page gives you a list of how you can volunteer time or donate money to this organization.

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