Programs & Advocacy

At YACB we encourage our members (including visitors to this website and the general public) to get involved with a number of programs, special project s and items of advocacy. Whether it's recruiting new members or supporting an issue you believe in we encourage you to join us as a new member. Below are a list of programs (also includes special project s) and advocates with descriptions. For more information (or to get involved) with any of these items please feel free to contact one of the officers via the Contacts Page.

Audio Signal Light Walk
This program is held every year in downtown York. Members and any interested guests may take part in the walk throughout the route. If an intersection has an audio signal we check out to see if it's working or if the volume needs adjusted. The route can take up to anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half. Lunch usuually follows at a chosen spot in advance. If interested in joining and or assisting with sighted guide please
Contact Us.

White Cane Safety Day
This program is held every October 15. YACB partners up with ForSight Vision at a selected location to either pass out flyers, cards or give demonstrations. The media is always welcome to interview and ask questions about this project as it is important to educate the public on the white cane. Those approached are encouraged to do a white cane demonstration as well as feel comfortable asking questions.

Recruiting New Members (Members & Officers Only)
if you know of a group interested in wanting to get involved with our organization why not recruit them. Once you become a member you are encouraged to get the word out about our group and our efforts to help those with blindness and visual impairment. There are many ways to do this. Word of mouth is one way but chances are people might be reluctant. The way to get over this obstacle is by handing them a brochure (you obtain this by requesting copies from our publications comittee.). Then invite them to help out at an event or a project. Either way if comfortable or still unsure have they come to a monthly regular meeting. There those interested or have questions can get more of a better idea as to what YACB is about.

Accessible Arts
Accessible arts is a way in getting the blind and visually impaired in enjoying things that are accessible. These items can be sports (example: beep baseball, goal ball), art in general or drama via descriptive plays. We have located one area in town who does descriptive plays. As of now Dream Wrights is doing descriptive childrens plays. For more information go to DreamWrights Youth & Family Theatre's website at:

PCB's Advocacy Page
Thought this should not only be on the
links page but here as well. For someone who is looking at this page for the first time this might come up. This page offers a list of links (everything you can ask for in wanting to advocate.) to various branches of government. Take your time and look around. The more educated you are in how and what to advocate the better off you'll be. Especially if a certain branch of government wishes to speak to you in wanting to help guide/pursue you in meeting your goals (even getting your goals in the right direction.). If you'd like to visit this page please go to:PCB's Advocacy Page.

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