Fund Raisers

Wolfgang Candy
This fund raiser is year round thanks to Wolfgang Candy Co., Inc. here in York, Pa. Wolfgang Candy isn't your typical candy company. On their website's sweet shoppe they sell items from 2 ounce candy bars to mixed assortments, individual candy pieces to gift baskets/trays in a variety of flavors. You not only enjoy a wonderful chocolate experience you also help us raise money for our organization at the same time. Special Note: The Wolfgang Candy fundraising on their web site has stopped and we can no longer receive funds for sales through their web site. We may from time to time sell candy by the bar from the Master Box program. We hope you continue to purchase candy from York Area Council of the Blind.

Fundraising Discount Cards
Cost: $10 per card sold in September.
On the front has our logo on the back there will be 15 vendors (18 different addresses) with special discounts on the back of the card. If interested please send an e-mail to the fundraising chair by using the Contact Us page. Cards are good for one calendar year. Just in case you can't see text on the back of the card or would like to bookmark we provided a list of vendors and important information.

Chapter members at our regular meetings are given a blank order form to fill. Members go through friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, and repeat customers to get orders. Orders consisted of a sub or sandwich. Orders and money handed in at the next available regular meeting. Pick up place is at ForSight Vision.

PCB Lotto Tickets
Held every year by the Pa Council of the Blind and supported by YACB. Taken from the Pick 3 Pa Lotto drawing. $20 for 1 ticket / $100 for a booklet of 5. The more tickets you buy the better your chances. YACB and PCB split the proceeds for each ticket bought. Special Note: Even if your ticket doesn't win or if you hold a winning ticket, all ticket numbers are reusable throughout the late spring - early fall.

50/50 Ticket Raffle
Another great opportunity for the club to gain some funds from the public. Depending on how much total cost, half goes to the winner and the other half goes to the York Area Council of the Blind. No need to be present at said drawing date. Each ticket is $5 a piece. You fill the ticket and hand that and your money to either a chapter member or officer. One winner will be selected. Winner will receive check in mail

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