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If you decide to take part, please leave the last question's answer in tact. York Area Council of the Blind will then obtain credit from your participation since you got the form via a member or through this website. Both paper and electronic versions of the form are to be completed and returned to the PCB state office by Monday April 16, 2012. When you have finished and printed this out, please submit it either by mail or e-mail. Info below. <ul> Pennsylvania Council of the Blind Office<br> 931 N. Front Street<br> Harrisburg, PA. 17102<br> pcb1@paonline.com </ul> York Area Council of the Blind and it's affiliates thank you for your interest in this survey! When you are ready, click on the download link below and begin filling out survey!<p> <a href="pcbsurvey.rtf" title="Download: PA BROADBAND INITIATIVE SURVEY">Download: PA BROADBAND INITIATIVE SURVEY</a> <p> Below is a preview of what the file will look like once downloaded. File is in rich text format. <hr> <center>AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHILE RAISING FUNDS FOR <br>YOUR CHAPTER</center> <p> By George Holliday and Tony Swartz<br> Taken from the 2012 Winter Pa Council of the Blind Advocate<p> The Pennsylvania Association for the Blind has received a grant to conduct a broadband outreach survey and has engaged the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind to assist in wide distribution and completion of the survey. <p> The survey consists of a two page form in large print which can be completed in fifteen minutes. A copy of the survey is included at the end of this article, and an electronic version of the survey can be downloaded from the front page of the PCB website at http://www.pcb1.org. All members are requested to complete this survey. We are asking chapter presidents assisted by chapter officers to have members, their families, and others in your community complete the survey. Chapter Presidents are strongly urged to set aside time during chapter meetings to discuss the survey, and to assist members to complete a survey form, and to explain how each member can distribute copies of the survey to members of their family and to friends. <p> For each form completed and sent to the PCB office your chapter will receive two dollars. Both paper and electronic versions of the form are to be completed and returned to the PCB state office by Monday April 16, 2012. <p> The Pennsylvania Association for the Blind is asking the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind to assist in conducting this survey across Pennsylvania for the purpose of determining<ul> <li>Who of us is currently using broadband. <li>Where we are generally located. <li>Who of us does not have broadband and would like to have it. <li>For what purposes would each of us use it. <li>How does each of us find out about an emergency in our area.</ul> The end result of the survey is to gather statistics to identify how much of our community, versus the general population, has access to broadband. The data collected could have a future impact on how, what, and where technologically-based state service initiatives might be offered. <p> So What Is Broadband? Broadband is a type of Internet access. If you have a dial up connection with your Internet access, you do not have broadband. Dial up service is the only non-broadband Internet service available. Broadband, a speedier connection to the Internet, comes in four different forms: <ul> <li>DSL - which means Digital Subscriber Line and utilizes unused telephone wires that cause no interruption to telephone service <p> <li>Cable - provided by the local cable TV provider<p> <li>Satellite - provided by satellite service and used mainly in rural areas <p> <li>Wireless - this means a computer is not physically connected by cable to an Internet connection but through a wireless device, such as a router</ul> Further Notes on Completing the Survey<ul> <li>On multiple response questions indicate only one response. If you use both a screen magnifier and a synthetic speech program, select the one you use the most. <p> <li>The first question regarding vision impairment can be answered  yes only if your vision loss requires you to depend on screen magnification or a screen reader to access your computer.<p> <li>If you answer  no to the question  Would others in your household use broadband? then you should not answer the following question  How would they use it? <p> <li>The question  Do you currently subscribe to or have? implies the word  Broadband in front of each of the answers. If you have dial up Internet service or no Internet service, then answer  Do not have broadband .<p> <li>On the final question,  How did you hear about this survey?" please select  other and  PCB and add your chapter (this has already been done for you). Doing so will ensure that PCB and your chapter receive credit for completion of the survey. </ul> Please note, if you have already completed the survey through your local PAB member agency, do not complete another survey form. It is important that the data collected is unduplicated, thereby ensuring the highest accuracy. <p> PA BROADBAND INITIATIVE SURVEY What is your address? <p> City <p> State PA <p> Zip<p> County <p> What is your age?<br> % 5-18 % 19-25 % 26-40 % 41-65 % 66+ <p> Does your vision impair your ability to read a computer screen?<br> % Yes % No <p> If yes, what type of access technology do you need?<br> % Screen Magnifier % Synthetic Speech Program <p> Do you currently subscribe to or have?<br> % Cable % DSL % Satellite % Wireless % Do not have Broadband <p> Is broadband available?<br> % Not Available % Cable Modem % DSL % Wireless % Satellite <p> If you do not have broadband is it because?<br> % Do not want it % Cannot afford it % Cannot get it % Do not know about it <p> How do you find out about an emergency in your local community?<br> % TV % Radio % Phone Chain % Computer % Other <p> How much of your current work duties could be handled from home (tele-work) if you had the right kind of equipment and connectivity?<br> % None % Some % Half % Most % All <p> If it were practical, possible, and approved by your employer, how often would you work from home?<br> % Never % Emergencies (weather/illness) % Occasionally<br> % Often % Always <p> Would others in your household use broadband?<br> % Yes % No <p> How would they use it?<br> % Tele-Work % Home Based Business <br> % Education % Entertainment % Other <p> How did you hear about this survey?<br> % Pennsylvania Association for the Blind % American Red Cross<br> % Local Blind Agency X Other PCB (York Area Council of the Blind) <p> <br><br><br><br><br><br><br> <body bgColor="#000000" text="#ffffff" link="#ffffff" alink="#ffffff" vlink="#ffffff"></body></html>
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