Here you can download and print any of our documents. This feature is great when you've lost your master copy that we've given to you. Due to cost/material limitations it is you the business owner/school/partner/contact who is responsible for printing and distributing materials. If your copy/printer can't handle this you can always take this to Staples or Office Depot where they can print these things for you for a small fee. Just download to a diskette, cd or thumb drive and take to store location where they will upload and print for you. Please don't remove credits and copyright on our documents. Please give credit where credit is due.

York Area Council of the Blind Materials
Brochure (Contact Tom Keasey if you need brochures.)

Downloads of Interest
Article: Getting Along & Getting Around
Card: Braille Alphabet
Card: White Cane Safety Day
Flyer: White Cane Safety Day

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